Iis Tussyadiah

on intelligent things and human experiences 

Explainer Videos

Short videos (mostly 60 seconds) summarizing our work. 

This paper suggests four research priorities to shape an automated future of tourism: designing beneficial AI, facilitating adoption, assessing the impacts of intelligent automation, and creating a sustainable future with artificial intelligence. More here: https://bit.ly/2CAouNl

Tussyadiah, I. (2020). A review of research into automation in tourism: Launching the Annals of Tourism Research Curated Collection on Artificial Intelligence and Robotics in Tourism. Annals of Tourism Research, 81, 102883. DOI: https://doi.org/10.1016/j.annals.2020.102883
Service robotics continue to permeate the hospitality sector. Our research shows five roles service robots can assume in the production and delivery of hospitality services, and the implications for management and marketing strategies. Learn more: https://bit.ly/2XrpPxT

Tuomi, A., Tussyadiah, I.P., Stienmetz, J. (2020). Applications and implications of service robots in hospitality. Cornell Hospitality Quarterly. DOI:  https://doi.org/10.1177/1938965520923961
This study conceptualizes how automation, found in tourism to be driven largely by labor shortage, can be used to promote decent work. 

Tuomi, A., Tussyadiah, I., Ling, E.C., Miller, G., Lee, G. (2020). x=(tourism_work) y=(sdg8) while y=true: automate(x). Annals of Tourism Research, 84, 102978. DOI:  https://doi.org/10.1016/j.annals.2020.102978
This research investigates travelers' trust in intelligent autonomous technologies based on two studies involving self-driving transportation and robot bartenders.  The contribution of this research is in elucidating consumer trust in intelligent robots designed for socially-driven interactions in travel settings.

Tussyadiah, I.P., Zach, F.J., Wang, J. (2020). Do travelers trust intelligent service robots? Annals of Tourism Research, 81, 102886. DOI:  https://doi.org/10.1016/j.annals.2020.102886

We validated Travelers' Online Privacy Concerns (TOPC) with the trust-risk framework and assessed their influence on willingness to disclose identifier, biographic, biometric, and behavioural data. We suggest trust-building and risk-mitigating strategies to improve travelers' confidence in sharing their personal data while preserving their privacy.

Ioannou, A., Tussyadiah, I., Miller, G. (Accepted 2020). That's private! Understanding travelers' privacy concerns and online data disclosure. Journal of Travel Research.