Iis Tussyadiah

on intelligent things and human experiences 


We are a herd of researchers striving to be like a herd of penguins, who would feed in groups with coordinated diving. We work on various areas around digital transformation in services, particularly within the travel, tourism, hospitality, and related sectors. 

The i in iherd could stand for intelligent or innovation, but we just like the sound of it. Anything that starts with an i still sounds cool. It's not a brand, so please don't sue us. 

The herd has a support bubble, but the bubble's members keep changing (in terms of individuals and their levels of support), so we decided it's best not to acknowledge them here. We are forever grateful though.  

iherd Now

Currently configuring the herd

Iis Tussyadiah

Tiny Emperor

Travel, Tech, AI, Robot, Nudge

Aarni Tuomi


Robot, Food Service

Ikram Nur Muharam

Little Blue

Blockchain, Sharing Economy

Athina Ioannou


Privacy, Nudge

Erin Ling


Chatbot, AI
Google Scholar

Alia Rahman

Royal - Visitor 2020

Robot, Accommodation

Penny Chen


Sharing Economy

Lauren Siegel


Instagram, Nudge

iherd Forever

Uncovered the secrets of the herd and moved on to other things

Hyerhim Kim

Royal (2020)

Cause-related Marketing
Google Scholar

Sergio Ibáñez Sánchez

Royal - Visitor 2019

Reality - Virtuality 

Chulmo Koo

Emperor - Visitor 2018 

Smart Tourism 

Beatriz Benitez-Aurioles

Royal - Visitor 2019

Sharing Economy 
Google Scholar

Paco Femenia-Serra

Royal - Visitor 2019

Smart Tourism, Privacy

Namho Chung

Emperor - Visitor 2017

Smart Tourism 

Michelle Kang

King - Visitor 2019

Google Scholar

Rosa González-Rodríguez

King - Visitor 2018 

Google Scholar


Clipart = undergraduate 

Fluffy = beyond undergraduate 

Little Blue = PhD probation 

Macaroni = PhD confirmed  

Royal = earned a PhD  

King = earned tenure 

Emperor =  earned the right to coordinate a herd